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How did we get there?

I decided to play

around a little bit with one of the Georgia Force photos that I took of Larry Shipp catching a bomb from RJ Archer to pretty much close out the game. It was a great play and I am so glad that captured that moment.

So, here is the original image that I had posted on Flickr. Not boring at all, but it is what it is. I think it should be in a magazine like SI or ESPN, but who am I to say.
So there I am looking at the pic thinking about what I could do to punch it up. I got out my brand new wacom intuos5 tablet. This thing allows me to do things that I could never do with a mouse. It’s a great tool… I highly recommend the drawing tablets if you have any experience with drawing. They are fun to play with and not priced too badly. I think I picked up the medium for $360? I’ll have to check the receipt.

Here’s the second image. I added a pre-made Lightroom Selenium Tone filter to it.

With this image I created a 3rd layer that was normal and masked it out. I only allowed the two players true colors shine through the Selenium Tone filter that I had assigned to the lower level.

For the final image… I bumped up the saturation of the background and added a heavy radial blur filter to the background.
And finally… I add a few more masks with a few strokes from some brushes to create some texture then I added and then added the text and the logos… and we are done.

I hope you liked it. It was fun learning with the new Wacom Intuos5 tablet. I can’t wait to see what I do next.


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