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Van Halen at Philips Arena

What a night to remember…

It was the summer of 1984. I had an Emerson boom box with a b&w tv. I thought It was cool…

There was only one tape any self respecting 11 year old would bring to the pool… That was
“1984” by Van Halen.

Jump and Panama ruled the radio airwaves. That’s what we referred to as listening to the radio… For you younger whipper snappers. No Pandora, Spotify or XM radio for us! haha

So… there I was shooting one of my most favorite bands of all time and I found myself wandering. It’s hard to shoot a band or a football team that you like. You want to pull away from the camera to watch the action. I was able to refocus and overcome being stowed in the back by the sound board to get a few good shots. ¬†Good thing I brought my 300mm and 2x teleconverter with me.


I had a great time shooting the show. I’d like to thank Ange Alex over at TheBackstageBeat.com for asking me to shoot the show for them. Call anytime…

Click on the images below to see the complete set…
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