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“I’ve recorded a few songs in my day… Many went on to become huge hits. With your permission, I’d like to sing a few of them for you.” The words of a living legend, Tony Bennett. I finally got the opportunity to shoot the timeless Tony Bennett at the Verizon Wireless Ampitheater on May 31, […]

One of the COOLEST things I get to do is shoot concerts.  I’ve always loved music and gettig to shoot bands or acts that I grew up listening to is an awesome experience. I recently had the opportunity to shoot the “Motor City Madman” himself, Ted Nugent, along with STYX and REO Speedwagon.  I was 14 the last […]

What a night to remember… It was the summer of 1984. I had an Emerson boom box with a b&w tv. I thought It was cool… There was only one tape any self respecting 11 year old would bring to the pool… That was “1984” by Van Halen. Jump and Panama ruled the radio airwaves. […]