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2012 Jones vs. Evans UFC 145

UFC 145 came to Atlanta last week and I had a chance to shoot the fights! Good thing I brought my new 300mm 2.8 lens and 2x teleconverter.
They put me and a few other fellas at the top of the 100 section. It still was an awesome experience and I met some great photographers along the way.

Here’s the view form my area.

I also attended the pre-fight press conference at Park Tavern. Jon and Rahsad seemed to both be very nice guys.
I think the hype leading up to the fight was more manufactured and fostered by the media. Just by watching their mannerisms… I don’t think they hated each other as much as they led on.
However, it did lead up to a great pre-fight hype and was an awesome event to attend.

The Press Conference

Rashad Evans

Jon Jones pokes fun at the media for hyping the fight making him look like the “bad guy.”


The Weigh-In

Joe Rogan introduces the fighters at the weigh-in.


Jon Jones comes onto the stage at the weigh-in.


Jones let’s out a primal scream as he weighs-in.


Jones and Evans got face-to-face at the weigh-in.

The Fights

Rory MacDonald (Blue White Trunks) is a beast!

With all the pre-fight hype and hoopla… Evans and Jones finally got to fight in the octagon rather than in the press. They did now disappoint.

I am new fan of Ben Rothwell. This guy refocused his training and got into great shape. It showed as he knocked out Brendan Shaub


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