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UGA vs. New Mexico State

For those of you that “know” me… you probably remember a time when every thread of clothing I owned was red and black and had a “Super G” sewn or ironed on. My son thinks for favorite (color) is “red & black.” Well… getting married and taking on life has changed that a bit. These days I have some white button up shirts and black, grey slacks and even a green pull-over. I’ve really stocked up on the blue sweaters as well… Not sure how that happened. But the love for the Dawgs is still there and I still own a lot of red and black.

I’ve been shooting the UGA football team on picture day for 5 years. Every year is a little birthday treat for myself. Picture day usually falls on or close to my Birthday. It’s been awesome to meet the team and the coaches as they prepare for the first game of the season. The guys are always courteous and Coach Richt is as advertised… a true gentleman, always stopping to talk to everyone that wants to speak with him.

What that said… there’s been one thing that I’ve always wanted to do, but not had the chance. That is to shoot a game in Sanford stadium. It just hasn’t worked out over the past few years due to schedule conflicts. Well, I finally got a chance  last Saturday and I loved every minute of it.
I want to thank Claude Felton and Karlene Lawrence for this great opportunity. Here are a few images from the game on 11/5 vs. New Mexico State.


Michael Bennett TD catch
Michael Bennett TD catch

Brandon Harton celebrates a TD with Tavarres King
Brandon Horton and Tarverras King Celebrate a TD

Orson Charles with a TD catch… The ref got in front of the pic when the ball hit his hands. :( Oh well…
Orson Charles

Aaron Murray… Keeping his eye on the ball.
Aaron Murray

I hope to shoot a few more games before the end of the season! We’ll see what happens.

Till then…

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